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Create a One Sheet Book

Take a look at the books and magazines that you have at home and you’ll see the methods applied to bind the pages together. But you can create your own book that requires no stitch or glue. 

For this activity you will require one sheet of A3 paper.

Firstly, please download the Create a One Sheet Book PDF below. This download resource features the instructions to fold each section to create your book. Once you have folded your book to its finished size of A6, flatten it out to its original A3 size and begin to compose your text and image content.

Look at the Renaissance Type Alphabets, Colouring Pictures and the libraries section of the site to get an idea of style. As you arrange your text and imagery, think about how each page separates its content to create a natural read. And your book could include other Unlocking the Archive creative activities, such as a Title Page which includes your own Printer’s Mark!

Here's what you'll need

Download Create a One Sheet Book and other supporting resources.

Create a One Sheet Book

Fell Type

Characters 1

Create a Printer’s Mark

Create a Title Page

Please share your work on Twitter and Instagram with @archiveunlocked and include the hashtag #UTACreativeActivities

Create a One Sheet Book

Paul Wolterink