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Meet the Unlocking the Archive

Unlocking the Archive has brought together an extraordinary community of academics, librarians, designers, print makers, artists, photographers, and film makers.

Many of the livelihoods of small business owners and freelancers involved in the project have been threatened by COVID-19. On this page, we celebrate their work.


Dr Tom Roebuck

Lecturer in Renaissance Literature, UEA

Tom is delighted that Norfolk is especially rich in little-known collections of scholarly books. This led him to found the Unlocking the Archive project.

Unlocking the Archive

Dr Sophie Butler

Lecturer in Early Modern Literature, UEA

Sophie believes East Anglia's Renaissance collections are truly special, and has enjoyed getting to know them even better through co-running the Unlocking the Archive project.

Unlocking the Archive

Darren Leader

Graphic Designer

Darren specialises in visual identity and communication and sees the Unlocking the Archive project as a rich resource for design inspiration.


Heather Jermy

General Manager, Blickling Estate

Heather believes in the intrinsic link between collections, places & people, and is excited to see the Library at Blickling become more accessible through projects like Unlocking the Archive.


Paul Wolterink

Designer and Print Maker

Paul is a cross-disciplinary designer and printmaker and works across a range of media, believing "Anything can function as a carrier for information".


Rachel Ridealgh

Community Librarian for Local Studies, Norfolk Heritage Centre

Rachel is passionate about making all the Norfolk Heritage Centre's collections, including the library's Renaissance books, available to diverse audiences across the region and beyond.


Andi Sapey


Andi has taken many of the book photos featured on this site, He also specialises in portraiture, live music and landscape photography.


Dave Guttridge

Photographer and Filmmaker

Dave is trusted by corporate, academic and personal clients to produce consistently stunning images, with a meticulous eye for composition and detail.


Chris Tracy

Archive Specialist, based at Norfolk Heritage Centre

Chris works for Norfolk Record Office (NRO) as an Archive Specialist, and is excited by the way Unlocking the Archive has enhanced knowledge of NHC’s Renaissance books.

Norfolk Heritage Centre

Andrew Johnson

Graphic Designer

Andrew Johnson specialises in editorial design. He is a former art director of Blueprint and has designed titles including Art Review, Tate Guide and V&A Magazine.


Olly Bradshaw

Web Developer

Olly specialises in full stack development and digital strategy. He has built the Unlocking the Archive websites in collaboration with Darren Leader.

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Kerry Murray

Locality Manager for North and West Norfolk Libraries

Kerry is passionate about making the most out of the King’s Lynn special collection of Renaissance books. She has enjoyed working with Unlocking the Archives learning more about the collection and helping to bring them to life and inspire the diverse local community.

King's Lynn Library

Sebastian Billing

Visitor Experience Manager (Blickling)

Sebastian has been a proud part of National Trust for almost 10 years, connecting people with places through inspirational experiences and the galvanising power of collective play.


Sue Wood

Head of Archives, Northumberland Archives

Sue is passionate about using archive and printed material held by Northumberland Archives to tell the stories of their communities. She is delighted that some of the collection is now being made available to a wider audience via UTA.

Northumberland Archives

Kate St Clair Gibson

Local Studies Librarian, Northumberland Archives

Kate feels privileged to be able to work with the wonderful books in the Northumberland Local Studies collection and is delighted that now, thanks to the UTA project, some of these treasures have been made widely accessible.

Northumberland Archives